Capture Double Click On Yii's Cgridview Row

Reposting question from Stack Overflow, which didn’t get enough attention there for past two days.

I’m using this simple Javascript code (attached as string to [font=“Courier New”]CGridView.selectionChanged[/font] property:

'function(id){location.href = update?id="+$.fn.yiiGridView.getSelection(id);}'

to capture click on any grid view’s row and redirect user to update action for that particular row’s entry.

How can I change it to react on double click only? CGridView exposes only selectionChanged event, no click or dblclick.

If I should do this in pure jQuery / Javascript, then which selector to use, to make sure, that double click event will be bind correctly to all CGridView’s rows and what kind of jQuery code to use, to obtain an ID necessary for building up the route.

I have solved this problem myself. If you’re interested – take a look at my Stack Overflow answer.

My solution uses own jQuery code. It is not based on yiiGridView.getSelection, because this method returns unreliable results (details in my answer).