Captchat Image Not Showing

Please, help me fix this.

I don’t know whay Captchat image not showing ?

check gd ext: passed.

Yii version 1.1.12

Code Model Contact.php

public $validacion;

array('verifyCode', 'captcha', 'allowEmpty' => !CCaptcha::checkRequirements(), 'captchaAction' =>

                'about/captcha', 'on' => 'useCaptcha'),

Code AboutController.php

public function actions()


        return array(

            'captcha' => array(

                'class' => 'CCaptchaAction',

                'backColor' => 0xFFFFFF,




Code View

 <?php if (extension_loaded('gd')): ?>

                <?php if (CCaptcha::checkRequirements()): ?>

                    <div class="row">

                        <?php echo $form->labelEx($model, 'verifyCode', array('class' => 'label-contact')); ?>

                        <div class="captcha">


                            $this->widget('CCaptcha', array(

                                'captchaAction' => 'about/captcha'




                            echo $form->textField($model, 'verifyCode', array(

                                'placeHolder' => Yii::t('contact', 'Captcha'),

                                'class' => 'input-contact'));


                            <font color="red"><?php echo $form->error($model, 'verifyCode'); ?></font>



                    <!--                <div class="row">

                                        <label class="label-contact">&nbsp;</label>


                <?php endif; ?>

            <?php endif; ?>

First of all I would check that proper access rules are set up to allow captcha action access and if CCaptcha::checkRequirements() returns true.


Check accessRules of your controller.

Also check with firebug the http request about/captcha, what is the results ?


pls check files (/config/main.php or other related files) encoding format,

encoding process;

  • open [YOUR].php file with Notepad++ editor

  • Encoding / Encode in UTF-8 without BOM

  • Save