Captcha Testlimit Not Working

Hi everyone

I want the captcha to display new code on every new request. I try with testLimit but not working in my case!

Does anyone have similar issue?

  public function actions() {

        return array(


            'captcha' => array(

                'class' => 'CCaptchaAction',

                'backColor' => 0xFFFFFF,






Note: by clicking the re-generator link everything works ok, but with new http request the captcha image remains the same


Does anyone has a similar problem?

Maybe server or any settings ?

I don’t use any cache!

I tested it again

The testLimit works but not to every request.

If the time between the requests is about 2-3 minutes work fine!

In any other case the captcha seems the same

Does anyone knows what happens, Maybe session time ?


Don’t know if your “every request” includes refresh command without submitting the form too.

I was looking for solution this way, but it seems not solvable:

I tried other solutions too (here are some ideas) with no success.

I am satisfied (lacking better) updating code each form submitting and not each page refresh.