Captcha problems


I have problems with captcha: the code is not changing or the captcha image is not displayed every time on the page - I have to refresh 2-3 times the page to load the captch image.

I have a model Article and a contact form widget (a contact form with captcha).

On every article page i display the contact form but the captcha code is the same or the captcha image is not displayed.

The actions method of the Article controller is :

	public function actions()


		return array(

			// captcha action renders the CAPTCHA image displayed on the contact page







What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.

check out the link please

I don’t have ajax validation form. The captcha image code is not changing on page refresh.

This is the default behavior.

In order not to annoy user, the captcha will be presented 3 times equal, and then will change.

You can set clickable image to true, and explain with a tooltip that you can change the captcha by cliking on it.

My problem is that the capcha code is not changing no matter how many times I refresh the page. Another problem is that the picture is displayed on the 3rd refresh.

Any solutions?

You can refresh as long as you wish, the captcha will not change.

If you try 3 times, it changes (only if you run validation it changes).

I understand now. So the image is not changing until a validation is made.


You are welcome. About image not displaing, I have no experience with this, CCactpcha always worked fine for me.

I have problems with CCaptcha too. When register form or contact form (those with captcha) are loaded the captcha is not displayed at all. When I click reload image link sometimes only one letter is displayed and sometimes nothing is displayed. And sometimes I have to click reload image link several times to display the captcha image.

What can be the problem and how to solve it?

I didn’t figure out why the captha image is not displayed every time. I still have this problem.


After changing from 1.1.6 to 1.1.7 the captcha image is not refreshing by clicking or using refresh button.

The code changes but the image stays the same.

Has anyone meet the same problem?


P.S. If I use fixedVerifyCode all is fine…

For me, the buttonOptions are not added to the ‘get new image’ button.

This is only in 1.1.7, in 1.1.6 it is working fine.


Looking at CCaptcha it is apparent that buttonOptions is not used anywhere.

Something like $options=$this->buttonOptions; is missing from around line #115.