Captcha problems

I am developing a project using yii and storing all on my USB Stick, files are the same then.

At one pc, windows vista xampp I can see the captcha image.

On my macbook I cannot.

What could be?

Please don’t post same message to different subforums… I deleted your post in the “General discussion for Yii 1.0”

Thanks, I saw it was not the rigth forum but could not delete it.

its because , captcha needs GD library 2+ for Yii

check your mac requirements

by following URL

http:// yoursite/requirements/index.php

GD library 2.0 is detected on your MAC

Thank You :)

I got 404 error with http://mysite/requirements/index.php

is it because of the urlManager?

Could be that you haven’t uploaded the “requirement” folder to your production server… or it’s maybe in some other folder like <yoursite>/framework/requirements

Thanks, found the problem. My documentRoot points to the webapp. Moved it