Captcha Problem

I tested contact form with captha validation on localhost and works fine

But in online situation the verification image code doesn’t match with my text, so the error message showed.

(I check many times my text verification code and match with captha generated image)

Also I check the ‘hash’ and ‘h’ javascript variables on clientValidation function and I confirm that are not same (but the generated image is exactly same with my text)

I didn’t change anything special important that yiic generated.

I use wampserver on windows and contact form with captcha work fine (default apache and php settings)

The remote server is windows Server

So I can’t send email from contact form, whats wrong?

sound something odd, i had use default captcha in many applications on local as well as on different servers.

can you cross-check it if any other problem…

which version you are using? v 1.1.12 ??

I will check for any other issues but the strange thing is that on local machine works fine!

Yes I use the Yii ver 1.1.12

What happens if you have disabled clientValidation?

The same think (although the page reloaded)

The following is from a PM from konapaz:

Does anyone has any hint?

could be something with the sessions settings… did you try if logging works? Just to see if sessions works.

I think you have right!

The login form works only if the ‘Remember me next time’ is checked,

If this function stores the user authentication in cookies and unchecked works with sessions (let me know about it) then the problem is the session setting on IIS server.

I will inform you soon.

Thanks a lot

sessions or cookies… try to see if the PHP session store path is to an existing folder…

You find out Maurizio! You Have right

The problem was the Session settings of php on server!

Now work correctly both user login and Captcha!


Great… I just remembered something similar was already discussed on the forum :D