Captcha not validaing on fresh install of "basic"?

I’ve taken the plunge from Yii1.1 to Yii2.0.9. I love the newer, cleaner syntax and framework.

I developed a small app but couldn’t get captcha to validate after working on it all weekend. So I decided to install a fresh ‘basic’ install to see how that worked under “Contact”, but no matter what code I type in I get “The verification code is incorrect.”

I’ve looked at all the documentation and have turned off Ajax and Client-side validation but it still NEVER works, even when I click on the image to start with a fresh code. Is there SOMETHING I’m missing here… maybe something in need to do on the server?



Never mind, but my travails may help someone else on this forum…

The problem was that the directory (session.save_path) for PHP sessions on my Mac was not set in my php.ini. Unfortunately, there is no indication of this in the error message or log. Nasty!