Captcha Not Shown

hi all, i'm newbie in Yii

I just tried to publish YII testdrive to host server(OS: Linux), when i run the testdrive in my local server(OS-> Windows XP) the captcha run well in login page(site/login). But when run on host server, the captcha not shown ???.

Any idea and where is the problem? cause error not occured on it.

Tks a lot

Does your server have gd2 extension enabled?

Oh, thanks qiang, it shown now.

so that is the problem ;D


I am still having problem with CAPTCHA. I have installed the sample blog and I still couldn’t see it in the Contact Us screen.

Attached is my phpinfo. I am sure the gd version as you can see from it is 2.0.34. I hope this is the right version. And I have run chmod -R 777 on the folder that I install the sample blog in.

Other functionality like logging in, posting a comment etc have no problem at all. It’s just the captcha thingy that irritates me.

I hope you could shed some light.