Captcha is not showing the image


I did exactly what is here My link but the image of the captcha is not showing on my form. Is there anything that I am missing?

Do you have GD or imagick installed?

Thanks for answering

yes they are I installed imagick recently;Both are enable extension: In the basic example (contact page is showing the captcha)

If the basic app is showing the captcha on the contact page on your machine, then I guess it is a matter of figuring out what you are doing differently.

I really don’t get what is different on my view but I tried to do everything even checking the difference between the two nothing is different.I wonder if everything is ok with dektrium Yii2-user extension because my controller(that has the captcha) is extended from one of it controller.

Still do my best to see if it can work if not then I have to exclude captcha