Captcha Image Works On Localhost Does Not Work On Remote Host


I have which uses the captcha in the contact form. This is auto generated by yii.

On the local host the captcha image works fine but on the remote host it does not work, I get a broken image.

One of the forum suggested the following -

To fix the issue regarding the missing ‘captcha’ image, I contacted my host provider to comment out the line in the php.ini file -

;error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED

and to turn ‘safe_mode’ to ‘off’.



php.ini on local -

error_reporting = E_ALL


Is this the only way, as I have no control of the php.ini on the remote host.

dont post the same topic twice

it seems that your live server is not having GD library installed, Contact your hosting provider or join one of good host i know