Captcha Image Response has 0A between Header and Body

Hi everybody,

I’m using a captcha (CaptchaExtendedAction) and noticed that the browser is not displaying the captcha image. Switching to CCaptchaAction gave the same result.

The server is delivering the image (HTTP 200) but Firefox says the image contains an error and can not be displayed. However saving the image and opening it with IrfanView works.

Having a closer look at the reponse, I noticed that the response body starts with a 0x0A (line feed) and not with the 0x89 it should (PNG header).

I don’t have the slightest idea on where to look for the cause of this. All input is much appreciated!



Ouch, one of my config files (include) had an empty line before the starting "<?php". Line removed, problem solved.

Could you write "[SOLVED] " prefix to your post’s title? Thanks.