Captcha Image not showing

Have been banging my head on this for way too many hours tonight.

Runs fine on my Win7 development environment, moved it to CentOS and no love!

Have googled this to death but to no avail…

Yes I have GD bundled (2.0.28 compatible) with FreeType (2.2.1)

CentOS running httpd (Server version: Apache/2.2.3) php (PHP Version 5.1.6)

Using the Yii-User extension and the registration page uses Captcha

The http access log shows a 500 error for every captcha attempt.

GET /stbDirect/index.php?r=user/registration/captcha&v=4fa100dd68a43 HTTP/1.1" 500

Permissions on Duality.ttf is 755

I even moved Duality.ttf to /usr/share/fonts and hard coded that path in CCaptchaAction to replace line

 $this->fontFile = dirname(__FILE__) . '/Duality.ttf';

because in my VPS hosted server has a yii path of:


and I thought maybe the '.'s were not allowing the font to be found.

When I changed Duality.ttf to Duality2.ttf in Win7 the same problem of image not showing happened. So I assuming that captcha is not finding the font.

Any other suggestions? I would like to keep the Captcha functionality on my registration page but I am about to scrap it and move on.

OMG after 5 hours of frustration I come to find out when I FTP’d the ttf it was in TEXT transfer mode…

I just sent it as BINARY and it works!