captcha and textarea problem in ajax loaded form

I’m trying to load default contact page with ajax call into a modal dialog.

I got some problems, maybe I’m doing something wrong, but seems kinda bug to me:

  1. I activated clickableImage of captcha, but clicking the image does not change the image.

  2. refresh link is not rendered as expected, it appears somewhere in the background, not in the modal dialog !!!

  3. text area does not resize to specified rows and cols. it’s size is fix to predefined values

has anybody had the same problem, or able to guess what the problem is?

The problem may be caused by a twice loaded jquery library. First, on a page, and second time via ajax. You should not load it on ajax request. See a related topic.

I am already controlling this with nlsclientscript. it works correctly.

It seems that my previous post was ambiguous. I mean the javascript loadings works correctly, but problem exists yet.

should I report it as a bug?

I figured out the captcha problem: loading the contact form via ajax, the yii generated id of captcha image was not unique, because same id exist in the main page in background. I handle the problem by specifying the ids of button and image manually.

I think it would be nice if yii add more uniqueness to generated ids via random numbers or something.

the textarea problem exists yet :(


You wrote:

Could you please explain this a little more specific?

I’m facing the same problem here.

Where and how did you specify the ids?

Thank you.