Capitalization Issue In Linux Environment

I developed a website using XAMPP as my local hosting environment however the website is to be hosted in a Linux environment and I am now having capitalization issues. An example - I have a controller called TradeTitleController and if I use the address http://wesbite address/index.php?r=tradetitle/admin this will not resolve. However if I use http://wesbite address/index.php?r=TradeTitle/admin this will resolve. If I extend this logic to other controller/actions it fails to get the page to resolve. I have a controller NewTaskController and if I use the web address http://wesbite address/index.php?r=newtask/notice this will not resolve nor will NewTask/notice. I have checked the capitalization on the server to ensure the controller name matches the web address however I will always get a 404 error.

I have tried configuring URL Manager setting caseSensitive to false (and true) however this does not help. The URL Manager in my main.php file is only

'urlManager' => array(

            'caseSensitive' => false,


Any advice on debugging this problem would be appreciated