Can't Visit Controller in Module

Hi everyone!

So I generated a module (named testUser) using Gii and it got correctly created in the backend/modules directory.

Then I tried generating the CRUD files with gii and while the files were correctly created, I can’t seem to be able to use them.

The following is the directory structure of the files that have been created so far:


└── testUser

    ├── controllers

    │   ├── DefaultController.php

    │   └── TestUserController.php

    ├── models

    │   ├── TestUser.php

    │   └── TestUserSearch.php

    ├── TestUser.php

    └── views

        ├── default

        │   └── index.php

        └── testUser

            ├── create.php

            ├── _form.php

            ├── index.php

            ├── _search.php

            ├── update.php

            └── view.php

When I visit http://localhost/testUser/index, the page works fine and I see the index view that’s in the modules/testUser/views/default directory. When I try to visit http://localhost/testUser/testUser/index however, I get a 404 and it doesn’t load the new controller I made. The module is enabled in my config and as far as I know I shouldn’t have to make URL rules to be able to view it. What am I missing here?

Been trying for a little while (even starting a new application from scratch), I still can’t get it to work :(

Gonna try bumping this one more time, the Yii 2 documentation is still lacking and I haven’t been able to find any information regarding this kind of issue :\

Hmm I think the ID of the TestUserController ist not "testUser" but "test-user" and for the action it is the same. I think only the module ID is camelCase.