Cant using CRUD generator

I have a basic table:


project_id (int) auto inc

project_name (varchar 255)

project_description (text)

I can generate a model (models\Projects.php)

When I try to use the CRUD generator, I entered ‘Projects’ as the Model Class, and ‘projects’ and Controller ID, I get this:

Class ‘Projects’ does not exist or has syntax error. I checked the syntax of the model and everything looks fine. Is there a potential path problem?

If you want to use the CRUD generator you need to follow conventions AFAIK. :)

Table name: project (all lowercase singular)

Field names:




Foreign key convention: tablename_id.

project_id means a foreign key pointing to the id field of the project table.

Read more about conventions in the guide, or in this wiki article:

Wiped everything,

new table:


id (int) auto inc

name (varchar 255)

description (text)

Still getting same error! Can generate the model, but syntax / not found error.

You are closer. :)

What is your Gii setup?

Show us; complete with url rules and everything.