Can't use dropdownlist to call action

Hi all,

I have Site/index.php

<?php echo CHtml::link(‘Project’, array(’/project’))?>


<?php echo CHtml::dropDownList(‘lang’,$select,$language,array(‘empty’=>’-select-’,‘submit’=>’/setLanguage/change’)); ?>

project : controller

setLanguage/change : controller/action

all controller isn’t Site’s controller.

My link is work fine but dropdownlist is don’t work.

It tell me "The requested URL /setLanguage/change was not found on this server".

because It make URL like this localhost/setLanguage/change.

but I expect to localhost/project/index.php/setLanguage/change.

I want to use dropdownlist to call an action by submit, but it don’t work.

How to fix it?


Use this,

<?php echo CHtml::dropDownList('lang',$select,$language,array('empty'=>'-select-','submit'=>array('setLanguage/change'))); ?>

It’s Work!!

Thank you.