Can't Save - Many Multi Model Forms

I have a bunch of models that are related in the following way.

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My main model with the controller is Recipe_Category.

in actionCreate() I have the following:

$model=new RecipeCategory;

		$recipes=new Recipes;

		$recipeImages=new RecipeImages;

		$recipeSteps=new RecipeSteps;

		$recipeIngredients=new RecipeIngredients;

		// Uncomment the following line if AJAX validation is needed

		// $this->performAjaxValidation($model);







		//	$recipeIngredients->attributes=$_POST['RecipeIngredients'];


			$recipes->recipe_category = $model->recipe_category;

			$recipeSteps->recipe_id = $recipes->recipe_id;

			$recipeImages->recipe_id = $recipes->recipe_id;

			//$recipeIngredients->recipe_id = $recipes->recipe_id;
















However, only Recipe_Category and Recipes will save to the database and when I display the results in the View Recipes shows "Not Set"

I’m finding Yii to be more confusing than If I did all of this with standard PHP/MySQL :(

$recipes->recipe_id might be NULL when you try to assign it to $recipeSteps->recipe_id and $recipeImages->recipe_id.

Assuming that $recipes->recipe_id is an auto incremental PK, you have to save $recipes before you assign the recipe_id to others.

Duh, Now I feel stupid that makes sense.


I had to deal with something like that, it may help, I am not sure its the best way to do! I am learning programming in the same time as Yii ;D

I’ve used an extension made by Alexander Kochetov I am looking for the way to make it save my models* , till now I can only validate all models in the same form. :blink:<_<

  • The doc explain how to do it, but my English don’t really understand everything, i have to translate part by part :rolleyes:

what i did to save, is pass false to the save method for each model, after validating everything of corse,

and in the process of saving under a transaction, I affect each insertedID to the FK




              	if($extTransFlag===null) $transaction=$db->beginTransaction();




                    	// saving process with affectation of ids to the Foreign Keys

         				//  ......

   			if($extTransFlag===null) $transaction->commit();

          	catch(Exception $e)


                  	if($extTransFlag===null) $transaction->rollBack();


like that you should be sure to have everything on the database or nothing ;D I hope ;D