Can't run yiic shell to create RBAC roles

Hello all,

I hope someone can shed some light on this problem of mine. I’m almost through the book at chapter 12, trying to add an “admin” type role by adding to the RBAC we created earlier. When I initially created my RBAC users/tasks etc. I had no problems but now when I try to access the yiic shell I get nothing-no error, just my command prompt back.

I googled around and some sites suggested that when you add login restrictions that the yiic tool can stop working unless you specify the config file while launching, like so:

trackstar% ./protected/yiic shell protected/config/main.php

but even trying this it’s the same, no error, just the command prompt returning straight away. I made sure that protected/yiic is executable and even tried it on windows and I get the same response, or should I say lack of response!

Please help-RBAC is really cool but if the roles etc. can’t be modified then it’s not much use to me and I was hoping to include it in my next project.

What’s happening in your PHP error log when this happens?

Hi fsb,

Please excuse me not answering for so many days. I sorted the problem-it was simply that I had to cd to the trackstar app root and execute the yiic shell command where I installed my framework. I was trying to run the yiic in the trackstar app itself. Thanks very much for trying to help!