Can't Render Models Data


I’m not sure i this a bug

But When i do in a CBehavior child class




$this->owner->render('admingrid', array('model' => $model,


                                                        'modelClassName' => $this->modelClassName,

                                                         'pagination' => $this->pagination

it shows the data variable correctlly.However if i try to show it in the view file


is empty.

I want to loop the model’s data in my view file.

What am i doing wrong?

seems good to me I dont see anything wrong can you paste the rest of the stuff

I simply do this in my admingrid.php file




foreach($dataValue as $product)



     echo '$(document).ready(function () { var data=['+

        $product->id_shop_default+','+ $product->on_sale+']};';






and i get nothing from the var_dump

did you attach the behavior? to attach it to your controller under behaviors method add your stuff

I din’t understand your answer sorry

I’m using ajax-crud-behavior

with this

Everything is working except being able to send the model’s data to my view file

Is there any other way to send data to my view file?