cant record to mysql


i tried to record variabels to mysql. but it didnt record and not getting any error… what is wrong?

                                $newmember = new FbMembers();

                                $newmember->uid = $uid;

				$newmember->first_name = $first_name;

				$newmember->last_name = $last_name;

				$newmember->location_id = $location_id;

				$newmember->location_name = $location_name;

				$newmember->email = $email;

				$newmember->birthday = $birthday;

				$newmember->gender = $gender;

				$newmember->hometown_id = $hometown_id;

				$newmember->hometown_name = $hometown_name;

				$newmember->link = $link;

				$newmember->username = $username;

				$newmember->picture = $picture;

				$newmember->friends = $friends;

				if ($newmember->save()){

					echo "recorded";


It could be several things,

Try using the following to make sure it’s not your rules:


               if ($newmember->save())

                  echo "recorded";



If that doesn’t return anything I suggest looking into your -model relations- / -DB structure-

thank you for your help. i found the problem.