can't pay this book


Sorry if i am talking like fool.

i am new bee in yii and i can’t offered this book, anybody tell me where can i read yii details

Yes! 4 different places you can easily and for free check out to learn Yii

And check out what I’m doing with Yii here

Don’t worry if you don’t know PHP or MySQL very well. You CAN learn to do Yii while learning PHP and MySQL. I did and so can you. Yii teaches proper coding. Highly recommend anyone to use Yii while they code.

Thanks, windsurfer, for chiming in. Although I would disagree with you on the knowing PHP and MySQL well part. I think that’s pretty important, but different people have different approaches and needs.

I have to agree with your disagreement. I kind of muddled along learning php and yii together, really only learning what I call “yiiHP”. My coding was like a 3 legged dog, I could get around but something wasn’t right.

With the release of Yii 2.0, being up to date on php is even more essential. The Guide to Yii 2.0 is even more opaque than the first one, explaining concepts I don’t understand in terms of other concepts I don’t understand.