Cant Make Jquery-Cascade To Generate Second Dropdownlist

Hi all.

I have really surfed google, forums and the documentation trying to avoid asking here, but I am getting hopeless.

I have installes the JQuery-Cascade Extension.

In the View I have


    $divipola = $this->createWidget('ext.jquery-cascade.jQueryCascade');

// dropDownList($id, $selected, $data, $htmlOptions = array(), $source, $cascaded)

    echo $divipola->dropDownList('depto_dane',


            CHtml::listData(Codigodane::model()->findAll(), 'depto_dane', 'depto_dane'),






                echo Yii::trace(CVarDumper::dumpAsString($divipola), 'vardump');



In the Controller:

public function actionList() {

        echo Yii::trace(CVarDumper::dumpAsString('Entrando a actionList'), 'vardump');

        if (Yii::app()->request->isAjaxRequest) {

            $queryvar = "";




            $registro = Codigodane::model()->findAll($queryvar);

            $munis = array();

            echo Yii::trace(CVarDumper::dumpAsString($registro), 'vardump');

            foreach ($registro as $muni) {

                echo Yii::trace(CVarDumper::dumpAsString($muni), 'vardump');

                $munis[] = array('label' => $muni->muni_dane, 'value' => $muni->codigodane);


            echo json_encode($munis);


        } else {

            throw new CHttpException(400, 'Invalid request.');



The code seems to be working fine, the first dropdownlist is flawless rendered, and when I select an option it successfully retrives an array from the model exactly as I need it (which I can see in firebug):

[{"label":"FLORENCIA","value":"18001"},{"label":"ALBANIA","value":"18029"},{"label":"BELEN DE LOS ANDAQUIES","value":"18094"},{"label":"CARTAGENA DEL CHAIRA","value":"18150"},{"label":"CURILLO","value":"18205"},{"label":"EL DONCELLO","value":"18247"},{"label":"EL PAUJIL","value":"18256"},{"label":"MONTA\u00d1ITA","value":"18410"},{"label":"MILAN","value":"18460"},{"label":"MORELIA","value":"18479"},{"label":"PUERTO RICO","value":"18592"},{"label":"SAN JOSE DEL FRAGUA","value":"18610"},{"label":"SAN VICENTE DEL CAGUAN","value":"18753"},{"label":"SOLANO","value":"18756"},{"label":"SOLITA","value":"18785"},{"label":"VALPARAISO","value":"18860"}]

What I dont know is how to use this array to create another dropdownlist or if (as I think) the Extension should create the another dropdownlist with ID ‘muni_dane’.

I am doing something wrong? or maybe I missed something from the documentation?