Can't login to the site using forum login/pass

Hello everyone.

I’ve already sent my problem through “Contact Us” form of the site but there’s no answer yet. So I decided to start a new topic here.

I’ve recently signed up but can’t login to the site with my forum login and password.

I can successfully login to the forum, but when I enter same information at

  • at first I get "The verification code is incorrect." error though no captcha was shown

  • when I enter captcha and try again - "Incorrect username or password."

It seems like other people have such problem too (I’ve asked at IRC channel).

So please make something with it. Thanks :)

Some users had problem similar to yours… problem was that they used the forum options to change the display name… and then tried to log in with that "display name" instead with the original one that they did register on the yii forum…


I have registration from August and I’ve got the same problem. Can you see my account too?

I also have the same problem reported by friends. I registered, I have not changed the display name, and I can afimar I clicked on the link for verification of account sent to me by email. But I only have access to the forum, I have access to the site. When I try to log in outside the forum login or password incorrect. On the forum I I can login, but login not persist throughout the site, it is logged only in the forum.

I am having the same problem. I believe that I did validate my account, could you check if I have the correct permissions also?

Same problem for me :)

Most users had problem logging because the yii forum allows to log in by using the username or email, but the yii site was working only with the username.

The yii site code has been updated. Now you can log in with the email, too.

I have been trying but I get the same error. Can you see my account??

my user is barcelona23.



For any problem about logging please contact me on PM (private message)

The yii site has been updated again and hopefully all the site login problems fixed.

There was a problem with some "special" characters in the password, for example if someone had $ in the password he could log in on the forum, but not on the site. Now the code has been adjusted to process the login credentials the same way.