Can't Log Into Yii Forum Or My Web App Via Iphone

Hello all,

Please note the items in the (…) are devices that I own and use to test/ have used to test this issue.

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but I sure do. I can log into my web app via browsers (Chrome, IE, FF, Opera, and Safari) and on iOS tablets (iPad and iPad Mini) and Android tablet (ePad) and phone (Galaxy 2).

The problem is that I can’t log into my app or the Yii Forum via iPhone (4s).

I have tried 3 different iPhones (all 4s) with no luck on the Yii forum or my web app. My app and the forum both say loged in successfuly but then don’t log me in.

I’m using the latest Yii version as of today 3/20/13.

Anyone else have this problem or similar and know a fix?


I had cookies disabled on all of the devices which was causing the problem