Cant Get Yii Welcome Page


I have installed yii and have created a new web application called demo in my var/www/html file I did this using the yiic.php with the command prompt.

It worked fine came up with no errors however when I go to view the index.php in my demo folder instead of getting the the welcome page all it says is run(); witch is the last part of the code in the index.php file.


Also if I try to load the requirements checker it just comes up with a load of code.

Can anyone help me get the welcome page?


go to command promt

use cd command for www root.

paste the Yii frame work in www\wamp.

and dont create your project in yii

then type yiic webapp give the path where you want to create folder for xample

d:\www\wamp\yii\framework> yiic webapp d:\www\wamp\myproject

then use local host to run the project .

Thanks for your reply.

This is basicly what I have done apart from my directoris are abit different. Mine are layed out as followed.


The html file is where I have been creating my project file to and also contains the yii framework file. I have also tried creating a project into the www folder but the browser cant find the file as expected as my localhost runs from the html file.

I might just be being stupid but the broswer is finding the index.php in my project file fine its just not reading it properly.

follow this step

go to browser open local host .

the click on your project html.

plz paste your project in www.

then it will open your home page.

And it will open your index.php file.

If it is not happening the delete all your projectnad start with new one n follow my steps or watch youtube videos for setup.