Can't get tabs to appear as tabs

I have this code in my view:


$tabs = array(




$this->widget('application.extensions.slajaxtabs.SlAjaxTabs', array('tabs'=>$tabs));

and the result looks like this:

  • customer
  • account

I've also tried using the inbuilt tabs function, calling the following in the controller:

		$c=new CTabView();

		$c->tabs=array('tab1'=>array('title'=>'Revenue Development','view'=>'status'),'tab2'=>array('title'=>'Catalog','view'=>'locales'));



		return $output;

but it breaks the subsequent render.  If someone could either tell me where I'm going wrong, or point me at a working code example that uses tabs-preferably ajax but the regular ones if need be-I'd greatly appreciate it.

If you use IE6 the reason might be '>' selectors in CSS.


On IE6 the tabs are rendered as a vertical plain bullet list

(obviously because the ">":s are still present in CSS, class yiiTab in this case).


I'm looking at it in firefox.

I got the ajax tabs to work… it was looking for its css file in the wrong place … but I can't get the built-in yii version to work.