can't get CWebApplication::layout to take effect

I’ve created basic application and I’m trying to set CWebApplication::layout in protected/config/main.php like this:

return array(

…other stuff here



I’ve put newlayout.php under views/layouts

when I run the application in my browser layout that is applied is still default main.php layout.

How do I get my own layout globally applied over application?

I’ve tested applying it to SiteController and while that did work I want to set it globally.

Have I missed something? I’m running on Win7 using wamp. Any pointers or ideas I’d appreciate them.

Yiic webapp command creates a base controller class (protected/components/Controller.php) that overrides the default layout defined in application configuration. Open the file and simply remove "layout" property of Controller class, or change its default value to "//layouts/newlayout".

Perfectly solved my problems, Thank you.