Can't Generate Skelet


I am trying to start with Yii, but it’s really impossible to generate skelet by command line. I am using Windows 7.

Yii is installed correctly, testing pages works.

For information I add path to my important directories.

PHP: C:/Program Files/EasyPHP-12.1/php/php546x121002091845/php.exe

www root: C:/Program Files/EasyPHP-12.1/www

project root: C:/Program Files/EasyPHP-12.1/www/InDevelopement/yiiproject

fw root: C:/Program Files/EasyPHP-12.1/www/yii/framework/

Can somebody create a command for me to generate skelet to yiiproject?

Thank you


Can you do this?

C:/Program Files/EasyPHP-12.1/php/php546x121002091845/php.exe C:/Program Files/EasyPHP-12.1/www/yii/framework/yiic.php webapp myProject

It’s not tested since I don’t use Windows. Basically you only need your php and yiic.php inside the framework.

command doesnt work

Ok, it is done now, but it write many erros after command in cmd. Aplication was created succesfully and it works, amazing.