Cant find the .find method inside the class

So playing with a yii2 project I encounted the following thing.

$var = Product::find().where();

The class Product is extended with the ActiveRecord class, but the class Product does not contain a method called find.

Could not find any good info about this.


You basically named the reason already.

"Product extends ActiveRecord"


Everything available in "ActiveRecord" is also available in your "Product".

So take a look at:


and there on line 269 you will find:

public static function find()


If you want to know more about the topic, just google:

“php class inheritance” and read. ;)

Best Regards

I use this method a lot, usually typed like:

$var = Product::find()->where(['someAttribute'=>$someVariable])->all();

I don’t think it would work with the period after find() like you have it there if that is indeed how you have it in your code.