Can't deploy the site locally

Hi guys, I’m a newbie with YII and if this is off-top just remove my topic. )

I’ve got stuck with the YII site local deployment on Windows10/Apache.

I’ve received an yii2 project zip archive and try to deploy the project on localhost(Windows10/Apache). I’ve already install all the dependencies(composer install) and now try to open the site: using “yii serve” in cli and http://localhost:8080/ at my browser.

But something’s wrong with it, I can see just html page which isn’t working correctly, no js an css are being loaded. If I open the page source(Ctrl+U) I can see that there’s no <header></header> tag with js and css at all. See the image attached:

Also, I’ve created a virtual host for the purpose but the result is the same. I noticed that if I type http://localhost:8080/login?redirect=%2F it’s loading all the js and css but saying: “Page not found”

What can be the issue and how to get it working? Thanks for advance!