Can't create an extension due to name being invalid?

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to post a simple behavior that I’ve found useful as an extension, but have had regular trouble posting it. I’m told the name is invalid. The behavior is to add Drupal/Wordpress-like body classes.

I’ve tried:

ControllerBodyClassBehavior (this didn’t work, I figured it was due to the C at the beginning)

BodyClassBehavior (not sure why it didn’t work)

EBodyClassBehavior (ditto above)

If it’s because I don’t have enough forum posts (which is another possibility :) ), I would have thought I would have been told that, correct?

Any words of wisdom?

you should name the extension in small letter


Hi,there, only the SMALL letter allowed? How about some numbers, other symbols?

So francis, would you make it EbodyClassBehavior?