Can't connect to the Yii website

I can’ t connect to the web site with my forum account.

What message are you getting and which page?

Any page that requires me to log in before proceeding, i.e write an article, comment on an article, etc.

message I get:

[color="#FF0000"]Incorrect username or password.[/color]

Did you maybe change your forum user name? The website only allows login with your initial username here on the forum.

I’ve never changed my username and password.


Thank you Mike and Samdark.

At least you could write what was the problem… someone other can run in situation like this…

Mike inspired me or gave the solution. In fact I’ have never changed my username and my password but I always sign in with my email as my username.


That was my intention but as I like to think about what I’m writing, hence the origin of the delay. Hey amigo, tranquilo … no need for stress.