Can't comment on Wiki

Hi, I am a newbie member of Yii forum.

Today I tried to make a comment on this wiki page: (or any other pages) but I can’t give the comment (there is no comment textbox for me, only “Leave a comment Please login to leave your comment”.

But when I click the login link, it redirects me to this page: which requires me to enter username and password to login in (it even happens while I logined and post this topic).

When I click register, it redirects me to the forum’s term and rules for me to accept (you can see in the screenshot that I logged already).§ion=register

Could someone tell me how can I post a comment there? Do I need another type of account to post it (and how can I get it because the registration form in the 3rd link is actually the link to register an account in forum)?

Thank you for your help.

Hi and welcome to the yii forum.

There are 2 different logins - forum login ( )and yiisite login ( ) but for both you use the same credentials… could be that you could not log in to the yiisite as you are new here and had no posts on the forum…

Try again and let us know if you have still problems…

Thank you for your reply. I tried again one more time, and the result is that I can login into forum, but not the outside. I think maybe the problem is that what you said. Well, then I will try to post something useful and then check, but it will be nice if I can post something outside as well :rolleyes:

In any case you should be able to log in on the yiisite… do you get any special error ?

For more help please contact me on PM or on my email with your username so I can check what is going on.