Can't Comment On Blog Tutorial

I’m currently working through the blog tutorial and would love to leave comments about code that’s not explained fully or is missing. But the comment section just says, “Sorry, you are too new to post comments. Please try posting in our forum first.” Stupid.

So I’m leaving a comment on the forum in the hopes that I will be granted permission to leave a comment on the tutorial where it will actually do some good.

That’s to prevent possible SPAMers as it happened in the past.

Note the short explanation on how and what to comment there:

So it’s not good to post comments asking for missing code, for that use the forum (or check the blog source).

Also keep in mind that the blog tutorial was not intended to give a step-by-step instruction, but to just give guidelines.

Got it… no questions. But my intention is to provide answers after I had struggled with parts of the tutorial. I figure, why make people bounce between the tutorial and forum.

But… I see I can now leave comments on the tutorial. Sweet.