Can't change rules on urlManager

I’de like convert on url r=controller/list to controller/list

I done .htaccess, and urlformatt to ‘path’. Thats works fine.

But system can’t understand new url.

I was reading documentation many times. But somewhere maybe Im doing wrong?



				 'showScriptName' => false,

				 'urlSuffix' => '.html',




You defined two actions for a single route. Look at CUrlManager API (or definitive guide if that makes more sense to you) to learn how to use rules.

Now I’ve learned

if I delete .htaccess

on url


rules works fine.

But when Im using .htaccess

on url


doesn’t work.

Does anybody know why?

Could you show us your htaccess file? I guess you just copied the .htaccess from the tutorial without modifing it according to your needs.

In the link you provided, your project is not directly under localhost. Its one level deeper in "testdrive".

You should change the rewrite in your htaccess to something like:

Rewrite Rule . testdrive/index.php