Can't call ./yii shell console on my Linux server

I’ve developed an application locally using Yii 2.0 framework (on a windows machine). And since i’ve installed the framewrok i was able to go to the projects folder and tun .\yii and see a list of commands that i could run. I use a lot of custom commands for this application that i have developed.

the thing is that i just uploaded my application to an EC2 instance on AWS, and for some reaon the framework works fine ( i can run my app) but i can’t run .\yii on the script shell.

It is a Linux Instance

I’ve searched a lot for answers but i didn’t find anything!

I’ve tried running: yii, .\yii, ./yii none of tem work, it seems like the cmd doesn’t recognize the shell script, the error that i get is:

-bash: sudo: command not found

So, am i forgetting some configuration that i should have done for thi to work? How do i make it work??

*i’m trying to run it from the projects folder, so is not a location problem

Thanks in advance