Can't access controller in folder from URL using r=path/controllerID

I generate controller using console command "controller" like this

controller admin/product

And it generate the product controller in "protected/controller/admin/product" folder.

In console command the result told me that I can access the controller from "r=admin/product". But if I try to call that controller from url like this

"http://localhost/simpleshop/index.php?r=product/admin" the browser show me an error that the Page not found.

Using xampplite and windows 7 with Yii 1.0.6

Is this a Yii bug or not?

I found the problem.

Yii console command generate ProductController without .php extension. So I can't be accessed from url.

I think this is a bug with console command where controller command generate the controller file without .php extension.

Thanks! Fixed.