Cannot Validate Csrf For Large Uploads

I am experiencing an issue with validating CSRF token when uploading big files. I checked the forum and many people have experienced this before. I tried all solutions and none seems to work for me. Please note that when uploading small files (<1mb) all is OK. The csrf token is in a hidden field in the generated form and it gets passed with small files. I am using the latest Yii version 1.1.14 / PHP 5.3 I debugged CHttpRequest::validateCsrfToken($event) and with small files $userToken is populated correctly, with big (15mb) it is null (even in GET). I have set the max upload size to be 20mb in my php.ini. Can someone shed some light to what else I can do here

Thanks in advance

nevermind I just figured that I’ve missed to set post_max_size=20mb. Apologies.