Cannot install Selenium in Yii!

I am wondering why they invented PEAR. They didn’t tell me PEAR has to connect to Internet. I tried it on my isolated PC!! Isn’t a ZIP file for download a much easier way?

By reading a book called Agile Web Application Development with Yii, I am confused every bit about Selenium

  1. first of all I couldn’t understand what is sel*, it couldn’t related to anything I know before in my brain. Can you tell me why we need it?

  2. The file I downloaded from is a *.jar file. What shall I do with it? Why they don’t provide winzip file?

  3. They told me to run Sel* by the following command: java -jar selenium-server.jar

This command doesn’t work at all. There is “copy”, “md”, but no “java” command in my system. I am using Windows 7.

Can you please tell me what is this commanding doing? and how to install sel*?

My question must be very basic for someone, because they don’t even want to mentioned it in the book or Sel* documentation. But it’s the very true problem bothering me right now.

Thank you!!

If you have to work with lots of php libraries then manual installation, continuous upgrade and dependency tracking can become tedious and time-consuming very quickly. This is why package managers were invented.


thanks a lot for you explanation!

There is no Java in my command line tool. Can you tell me how to install java command in my windows 7?

First, you probably don’t need Selenium.

It’s a kind of test web server which enables you to perform automated act-as-a-web-user tests on your website, like clicking on links and visiting pages.

You can skip those functional tests and do the (more useful) unit tests instead.

However, to install it you need to first install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun.

Get the full installer, not the web installer (obviously).

You can indeed install both PEAR and PEAR packages off-line - Bing/Google it.

You can also just grab the zip directly from PHPUnit and install it - without PEAR - that might be what I did.

You have to look on the PHPUnit site to find that download.

Hope that helps. ;)