Cannot get PendalF89/yii2-filemanager to work in backend

I cannot get PendalF89/yii2-filemanager to work in my backend application.

I am using the improved advanced template which can be found here

Whenever I upload an image it goes to_protected/backend/uploads however I need the images to be publicly accessible for frontend and backend.

So the upload folder needs to be outside the protected folder however I cannot seem to set my filemanager config up to do so.

I need to change base path but I am not too sure what alias to use as it always seems to create a folder within the current app root such as


Here is my current config:

        'filemanager' => [

            'class' => 'pendalf89\filemanager\Module',

            // Upload routes

            'routes' => [

                // Base absolute path to web directory

                'baseUrl' => '',

                // Base web directory url

                'basePath' => '@webroot',

                // Path for uploaded files in web directory

                'uploadPath' => 'uploads',


            // Thumbnails info

            'thumbs' => [

                'small' => [

                    'name' => 'Small',

                    'size' => [100, 100],


                'medium' => [

                    'name' => 'Medium',

                    'size' => [300, 200],


                'large' => [

                    'name' => 'Large',

                    'size' => [500, 400],




did you got it working? I can upload images but are not displayed back.

Checking out its URLs incorrectly generated.

Extension is somehow complex that I don’t know where to touch!