Cannot generate code using gii


I downloaded the advanced application template

I can generate the Model, but get the error above when I try and generate the CRUD.

The logs show nothing.

please help.


Hi Dave ::)

Hey Frocco,

Make sure you have your routes correct, check if the file exists, or if the location isnt where you expected it. eg.

lets say you made a ‘projects’ model in your frontend (if you use advanced) or just in your basic application.

and you generate the CRUD with ‘projects’ as model, check if it sets the controller/view in the locations you’ve specified. If this is not true, check your ‘web’ folder.

and if possible follow a small tutorial with the exact same things(names/locations) as the tutorial uses.

You can also use the logs within the Yii2, read them and they give more information too solve the problem you’re experiencing.

if you don’t know where the logs are, try and find this on the internet/yii forums ‘Gii Crud Logs location’.