Cannot create symlink, error code(1314)


i use an extension, extracted it to the extension folder and called the widget via

$this->widget(‘ext.timepicker.timepicker’, array(



now i receive the following error:

symlink() [<a href=‘function.symlink’>function.symlink</a>]: Cannot create symlink, error code(1314)

i use php 5.3.5, with xampp on windows 7 64 bit machine.

i also use the framework outside my project

i read this issue has to do with some permission problems. i tried rewriting the htaccess in the prottec folder, but nothing else appears than the error.

whats the problem here? i dont understand it. the widget seems not be able to write its css and js etc to the assets folder.

Check the permissions of the assets folder

If it does not help then disable the linkAssets -

and how do i change permissions on that folder without ftp prog? im working localhost…

where do i have to set this "Options FollowSymLinks"

in whcih htaccess?

symlinks in Windows? I’ve never tried :) But as I see here this function works fine with Windows starting from PHP 5.3.

well wtf, i used a lot of widgets from the Yii core and those widgets created automatically the assets in the assets folder via symlink.

so why, if i use a ne extension, the asset folder cant be rewritten?!

thats not a unix/win discussion

I encountered same problem on windows 8 when I tried to access a newly created module. Windows 8 SL doesn’t have secpol.msc (where you can enable create symlink). So I just temporarily modified Asset Manager Class (framework\web\CAssetManager.php):

  1. set forceCopy property to true: $forceCopy=true;

if you receive a warning "The "forceCopy" and "linkAssets" cannot be both true."

  1. go to publish function

  2. comment this line

//if($forceCopy && $this->linkAssets)

//throw new CException(Yii::t(‘yii’,‘The “forceCopy” and “linkAssets” cannot be both true.’));

  1. then add $this->linkAssets = true; on the topmost part of publish function

Try to access your module again.