Cannot Access Controllers Of Yii Email Module

Hi there,

Recently I installed the yii-email-module extension and set it up correctly except the graphical frontend that the extension contains.

I installed it via composera and followed the steps described in the extension’s docs.

The only problem is that I cannot access the extnesion’s controllers of its frontend. (ie EmailSpoolController).

I have tried both with index.php?r=emailSpool/index and without the index.php part respectively. I have proper rewrite rules set in my .htaccess file.

I’m using Yii 1.1 and the latest release of Yii Email Module.

Here is the part of my config file that is related to the extension:

return array(


    'aliases' => array(

        'vendor' => dirname(__FILE__). '/../vendor',

        'email' => dirname(__FILE__). '/../vendor/cornernote/yii-email-module/email',



	// autoloading model and component classes












        'email' => array(

            'class' => 'email.EmailModule',

            'connectionID' => 'db',

            'autoCreateTables' => true,

            // The layout used for module controllers.

            'layout' => 'email.views.layouts.column1',


            // Defines the access filters for the module.

            // The default is EmailAccessFilter which will allow any user listed in EmailModule::adminUsers to have access.

            'controllerFilters' => array(

                'emailAccess' => array('email.components.EmailAccessFilter'),



            // A list of users who can access this module.

            'adminUsers' => array('admin'),


            // The path to YiiStrap.

            // Only required if you do not want YiiStrap in your app config, for example, if you are running YiiBooster.

            // Only required if you did not install using composer.

            // Please note:

            // - You must download YiiStrap even if you are using YiiBooster in your app.

            // - When using this setting YiiStrap will only loaded in the menu interface (eg: index.php?r=menu).

            'yiiStrapPath' => '/path/to/vendor/crisu83/yiistrap',



	// application components



			// enable cookie-based authentication



		// uncomment the following to enable URLs in path-format












        'emailManager' => array(

            'class' => 'email.components.EEmailManager',

            'fromEmail' => '',


        'commandMap' => array(

            'emailSpool' => 'email.commands.EmailSpoolCommand',






Does someone managed to access these controllers?

Have you tried index.php?r=email/emailSpool/index

Figured it out. Main Yii Email Module extends CWebModule, so it should be called as such.

The url that works is http: //localhost/email/[controller].