can you extract from $content?

for example i wanna get a certain data/model/etc. from $content so that specific data will be the only thing shown on the page.

everything you pass through the render() in your controller should be available in $content and you can access it there. do you have a more specific example you want to achieve?

like a specific field in a table in a model? for example banner_image?

how do you pass the banner_image to the $content?

on my main controller:

public function actionList()






		$banners = new Banners;















on the default action page: ‘list’

foreach($banner as $model2):

echo '<img src="' . $model2->banner_image . '" />';


on the main.php layout:

<?php print $content; ?>

actually it already showed but just in the single page where the action takes place. i want this specific object to appear everywhere. . pls help T_T

You can create a widget. Create a file banner.php in components.

class banner extendx CWidget


   public function run()


            foreach(Banners::model()->findAll() as $model2)

              echo '<img src="' . $model2->banner_image . '" />';



In your main.php layout you should be able to do:


<?php print $content; ?>