Can Yiic Message Be Used To Extract Message Not Already Translated?

Past year I’ve been coding large project in Yii, all the time in 1.1.4. When starting this project, I took orignal framework’s English messages from core files and translated them to Polish.

Now, I’m starting another project, in 1.1.12, and would like to use that translated message to not do the same job again.

But, I believe there were significant changes (additions) to messages since 1.1.4 and I’m wondering, is it possible to use yiic message to give me only not translated message from 1.1.12 core file. Or, even better, to have 1.1.12 messages file containing all translated message from my 1.1.4 file plus not translated strings that were changed since that old version.

Is it possible? If yes, then what should be the configuration passed to yiic message command?

Hi Trejder,

See the wiki in github. "How to Synchronize Messages" section shows what we can do to update the core message translation. We use "build" command.

BTW, how are you doing? Nice to see you in the forum again.

Hi, softark,

Thanks! I’ll take a look at it tomorrow, as today I’m dying tired

Either I’m missing something (I’m really tired) or I’ve been out of Yii for too long. What is actually build command? What should I install to be able to use it? I don’t recall system command like that and there is no such thing in my Yii. I though that yiic is the only command-line script that comes with Yii.

I’m fine. Thank you and conratulations on getting to stuff. I’ve been out of Yii for few months and I hopefully state here for a bit longer (few years? ;]). But it all depends on, if my big project will run.

Right, I’m going to sleep. Have a nice day, cause I think it is the begining of new day right now in Japan.

Good morning, Trejder,

"build" command launcher is located under the "build" directory of the source code.

It’s not included in the release package.

But as long as the core message translation is concerned, you can still use "yiic" command launcher instead (in fact "build" is a wrapper of "yiic").

Sorry, I was misleading in the previous post.

So, try "yiic message" (or "build message") in the console. It will tell you how to use "message" command. You will want to use your own version of the configuration file, for which you can use "framework/messages/config.php" as the template.

Thanks. I’ve finally get it working and it really does working like a charm!

I hope to find some time to craft a small wiki article on this soon.