Can Yii::t() inject translation key in message file ?

I will try to explain what my colleagues have told me. When they were using translation services in some other frameworks, like some tool called “poedit”, each time they would use translation function like Yii::t(), whatever they would write inside that function as translation source, would be automatically written in message configuration file as the message source. This is very convenient, but I couldn’t figure out if Yii has some feature like this.

To explain a little bit further.

We have message file called app.php, and it has some array where keys are message source, and values are translations.

I was always writing these keys myself, by copy-pasting what I have written inside Yii::t() function.

My colleagues says that there are tools that would write these keys for you, each time you use translation function inside your code, which sounds very useful.

Does Yii have this supported somehow ?

Of course: