Can Yii be used effectivily without the Yiic Tool?

Hi All,

Im new to Yii, and i've not been given much time to research a new framework for company use. The issue i have is that we do not have access to the command line of our servers to be able to use the yiic tool. which has made getting very far though the tutorials impossible.

I just wondered whether there was a way around using the command line on the server, or whether there was a way of manually typing and creating all files needed or whether it is compulsory to use the Yiic tool?

If you dont have to use yiic, is there any tutorials that dont need the use of yiic that i can go through?

Many thanks for your help guys, From everything I have read so far im really excited about getting this up and running. I hope some one can help.



Yiic is not an essential tool of Yii, even though it is very helpful.

You normally use "yiic shell" command on your development machine, not production server. That means, you should have full control of your server setup.

If you don't want to or can't use yiic, you may copy the following folder to create a skeleton yii application quickly. And of course, you can always write from scratch.


Cheers for your reply, thats handy to know. I dont have access to server here, as all the developers work off of one shared development environment which we dont have access to server command line.

After coping the files from that folder I do not have the ability to create the controllers/mappers for the database. I was wondering whether anyone has the finished set of files to go along with the 'my first Yii app' ( so I can cast my eyes over them. Would be most appreciated.

Thanks again for your help.