Can yii 2.0 upgrade to yii 3.0 in future?

hi I’m back using yii now from laravel, I have a project in next two month and will use yii 2.0 for project, the project have 100gb data, which prefer db I use? Postgre or mysql? and can I have upgrade my yii 2.0 later to yii 3.0? or should I build from yii 3.0 alpha? thanks in advance

just based on the amount of data in GB a choise for a DB can not be made, it is highly relevant how you want to query that data.

I will be possible to upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0, we will provide guides and scripts for that.

yii 3 is in very early development, I would not recommend to start a project with it at this point.

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Thanks for the reply, since its can be upgrade to 3.0, I feel more peace for the future dev with yii, most of our data use one to many relationship, I’m rarely using posgre so I want expand my horizon, but a bit lack confident ( usually always using mysql), I can’t repair myisam when corrupt, that’s why I try use postgre

PostgreSQL was always and continues to be superior to MySQL.
There may be some simple applications were mysql was a bit faster, based on less features and simpler code. But for bigger databases - like yours - you will find PG to be better performing, and each version step 9>10>11 offers more optimization options. Even if you do not need any of the features:
Documentation is very good, as well as community sites. Example:
There are also numerous tools, open-source and commercial, for the DB admin.
Compared to this a few learning hours for setting up and administering PG are minimal.
Switch to Postgres and you will not regret it.


thanks for the advice