can we change application structure of yii2 framework

i wnt to implement backend inside protected folder as per my requirements.

frontend outside the protected folder.

plz giv me suggestions how to customize yii2 framework directory structure according to me.

giv some eg if u hav. thnks…

can we change application structure of yii2 framework



To get basic understanding.


To get ideas.

Or download this:

And look how they did it.

Also please don’t double post when you do not receive an answer withtin minutes!

Seems like nearly the same question like here:

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Generally speaking, you should not alter the directory structure of the template, except when you have a very good reason to do that … IMO that would be a very rare case.

By following the standard directory structure you can make your development process much easier. Just for an example, it will be easier for you to find someone that can help you, since the standard structure will make your app much easier for others to understand.

Are you worrying about the access control of your protected sources and data? Then you should note that it’s not a problem of directory structure. You can protect your code and data by other means.

Or, are you worrying about the urls of your frontend and backend? Then you should learn the difference of a web url and a file system path.